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ECE 1010-2: Problem Solving in Engineering
An introductory course which combines elementary applied mathematics, basic numerical methods, computer programming, and problem solving methodology to introduce the student to tools and techniques which will be useful throughout his/her engineering career. Grand challenges of engineering are used to motivate several applied problem solving experiences that the student will do and submit throughout the semester. The computer programming tool MATLAB will be used as a problem solving language.
Corequisite: MATH 135
Offered: Fall, Spring

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Lecture Notes

This link accesses a folder containing PDF files for the entire course. The course notes consist of a table of contents, and individual chapters. Each chapter is typically spread over one or more PDF files. The file naming convention is 1010n[chapt][part].PDF, so for example the second or 'b' part of chapter 7 is in file 1010n7b.PDF.



Midterm sample, Fall 97 midterm with solutions

GUI Problem Sample Code and Solution

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