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Lab 5 is now updated to highlight just the problems to be worked. Lab 6 already has highlights from Fall 2019, but at this point just focus on Lab 5. I think Lab 6 is off the table for now. We will talk in class today.

I have updated Lab 4 to fix some misinformation and add some clarification in the area of Step 1 - 4 near the bottom of Page 3 and the top of Page 4.

I have updated the ZIP packages for Labs 4, 5, and 6. In Lab 4 in particular I did not have the newest version of the GUI slider control inside the ZIP. The newer version allows slider settings to be saved in a restorable configuration file. In Lab 4 a sample configuration is provided named: SliderConfig_4tap_FIR.txt. Try it out as it makes it easy to have multiple slider configurations in the same project folder.

To provide added support for completing Lab 2 I have posted an updated Lab2 reader which includes an example of producing a spectrogram.

I have updated the Lab3 reader to include two top-down FM4 board drawings: (1) the newer Cypress FM4 and (2) the older Spansion FM4.

Updates to Lab 3 are in place so that you can begin getting started with the Cypress FM4 microcontroller board as soon as you complete Lab 2.

For Lab 2 there is a link to the we used in class today next to the Lab 2 reader. This ZIP contains two notebooks and some support files. One notebookbook is on matrix math using numpy. Please get Lab 1 to me via Slack by Friday noon.

The Cypress FM4 for Labs 3-6, $50 Cypress Pioneer kit, is now discontinued, so we will be using loaner baords this semester. What will the furture board be? I have options under consideration. One such board is from CrowdSupply. What do think? I am supporting this project, but it may not make it.



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Learning Python

Python Basics a tutorial written in Jupyter Notebook. ZIP.

Link to Anaconda. This is the scientific Python I recommend.

Two IDE's I recommend are (1) VS Code with the Python extension and (2) Pycharm Community Edition.

Cheatsheet for MATLAB/Python/Julia

NumPy2MATLAB and IPython reference card

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Analog filter design, design and simulation of digital processors including filters and FFT algorithms. Prerequisite: ECE 4650 or equivalent
Offered: Fall

Course Materials - Course Notes, m-Code

Course Syllabus as of 03:15 PM on Wednesday, August 25, 2021.

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Spring 2022 Related Course

A course of related interest Spring 2020 is Real-Time DSP, ECE 5655/4655-3, a three credit course on programming the ARM Cortex M4 via the Cypress Pioneer Kit and Keil microvision IDE. In this course approximately half the time is spent in lecture and half the time is spent in the lab working with the hardware and software tools you are getting exposed to this course, but in more detail. A new DSP platform may be coming.