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ECE 4610/5610-3: Analysis of Random Signals
Practical aspects and methods for analyzing and interpreting random signals. Statistical and parametric descriptions, estimators and errors for measurement data from such fields as meterology, oceanography, seismology, remote sensing, communications, nuclear processes, biomedicine, aerospace applications, and any field which must develop concise interpretations based on complex measurement data.
Prerequisite: ECE 3510 and ECE 3610, or equivalent
Offered: Fall

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Intro Lecture as of 10:14 AM on Tuesday, August 17, 2004.

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Other Course Materials

Learning MATLAB

Course notes on learning MATLAB are available in PDF format at the above link from when I taught ECE 1010.

News for 2-14-05: Course Not Taught Again Until Fall 2005

This course Web site is now inactive until Dr. Wickert again teaches tthe course.

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